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We are a dynamic company providing project management, integration, marketing and training services in the VR field.

We are a boutique one-stop­ shop, helping our clients plan and integrate VR systems and technologies in their products, services and operations. At VR-Loomine we are proud of the personalized service we provide, we view our customers as valued partners in the planning, integration and ongoing operation of the systems we offer, we are here for you every step of the way.

VR-Loomine was established by our founder-partners in Tallinn, Estonia.

We specialize in integrating cutting-edge VR technologies in various sectors, for various purposes, these include among others:






Design & Planning


Healthcare & Pharma


Marketing & sales


Real Estate


What is VR?

So, just what is VR?
For the uninitiated here's a brief explanation:

Virtual Reality is a digitally created experience. The technology makes use of VR devices that give the wearer a totally immersive experience. The use of VR technology has transformed numerous market sectors and the implications for future integration in more fields are extremely promising.

A really exciting application of VR technology is the training sector, much as pilots train in simulators, surgeons can carry out virtual surgeries in preparation for actual procedures, firefighters can prepare for treacherous scenarios, workers in high risk fields can undergo safety training.

The potential of VR based training is fantastic, preparing for difficult situations in simulated scenarios is a potential lifesaver.

Another common use of VR technology is virtual walkthroughs, often used in the real estate and hotel sectors. This enables the potential client to easily visualize the property or hotel room being marketed.

Finally, VR is being heavily used for marketing and sales purposes. There is no better way to achieve the “wow” effect and fully visualize a product.

The future of VR is promising indeed.


At VR-Loomine we cater to a diverse client base hailing from many sectors. In fact, the market is constantly evolving with ever more sectors requiring VR applications.

No matter their field of activity, we make a point of learning our clients’ needs and requirements, tailor a comprehensive solution, cut precisely according to their requests.

If you have any questions, contact us to find out about integrating a VR project in your business.


Oliver Sepp

(CEO & Co-founder)

Toomas Kivi

(CTO & Co-founder)

VR-Loomine was established by our founder-partners Oliver Sepp, CEO, and Toomas Kivi, CTO in Tallinn, Estonia. Oliver and Toomas are highly seasoned industry professionals, they had the vision to provide our clients with a comprehensive VR product integration service tailored precisely to their requirements. They work with outsourced network of talented professionals, these include developers, programmers, integrators, 3D artists and modelers, animators, art directors, marketing and sales professionals.

Read on to learn about the advantages of working with VR­ Loomine when integrating VR technologies into your business.

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